Introduction of wool fabric


Definition of wool fabric. To understand or explain, as the name suggests, the wool here is wool, wool yarn, including wool. cashmere. Rabbit hair and other animal fluff are made of various wool and wool yarns through modern spinning technology; weaving is understood as weaving with various knitting machines according to the technical drawings designed by the craftsman. Various technologies for manufacturing products. A process of action; a thing is a finished product, including but not limited to a sweater top worn by a person. Pants. Wool trousers. skirt. hat. sock. Gloves. bag etc.

The process of using natural wool fibers, wool-type chemical fibers or two types of fiber blended yarns as warp and weft yarns to interweave various wool fabrics. Wool fabric can be divided into two categories: one is combed wool fabric, which has the characteristics of clear texture, soft and elastic hand feeling, and compact structure. It is generally used as a complete set of clothing for men and women. Serge, gabardine, etc. The other type is carded wool fabric, the surface of the finished product is covered with fluff, which has good thermal performance, plump appearance and soft hand feeling. Carded wool fabrics can be used to make men's and women's clothing, blankets, decorations, cultural and sporting goods, and industrial supplies. Common varieties include melton, flannel, coat wool and various blankets. The production of fabrics from natural wool fibers has a long history. Ancient corpse clothing found in Loulan, Xinjiang, China, shows that the Chinese used very fine woolen fabrics thousands of years ago

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