Features of Woolen Fabric


Wool fabric has a certain percentage of wool fabrics and all wool fabric pure wool fabric:

100%wool ingredients, soft and elastic, bones are stiff, not board, not rotten. There is a sense of light, pure color, and natural luster. Most of the fine -spinning hands are thin and medium -sized, the surface is smooth and flat, the texture is exquisite and delicate, the texture is clear, and the hanging feeling is better. Most of the crude textiles are medium thick and thick, the surface is plump, texture or fluffy or dense, and the feel is warm and rich. Pure wool fabrics are gripped tightly with hands and squeezing and loosening. There are basically no wrinkles. If there is a slight crease, it can also fade away in a short period of time.

Polyester fur fabric: mostly essence, the surface is smooth and smooth, and the weaving is clear. The luster and color are not as soft as pure wool fabrics, and some are slightly shiny, which is slightly dazzling. Polyester furry fabric feels very stiff, with good flexibility, but lack of softness and glutinousness of pure wool fabrics, with different degrees of rigidity and coarseness due to different machining processing. There was almost no wrinkles after grabbing and looseness. The warmth and fullness are not as good as pure wool fabrics.

Acrylic fur fabric: The texture is lighter than pure wool fabrics, warm and soft hand, and strong hair. The color is bright, but not soft enough, a little dazzling. It is not as good as polyester fur fabric, which is generally flexible. The hanging feeling is not good, and some are frivolous.

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