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Woolen Fabric

Zhejiang Jufei Textile is a professional China woolen fabric Manufacturers and woolen fabric suppliers. With more than 15 years in domestic experience for production and supply, we integrate development, production and sales, have a complete production system. Now we have been cooperation with Europe, Asia, the Middle East and other counties.


Woolen Fabric has the following classifications: Heavy-weight Woolen Fabric, Middle-weight Woolen Fabric, Light Woolen Fabirc. Mastering the perfection of Warps and Wefts with the premium quality woolen threads, our range of Woolen Fabrics has been one of the popularly chosen materials by the reputed brands worldwide in making their luxurious clothing. Being a highly competitive end in the world fashion industry, Woolen Fabrics have a high demand for producing luxurious clothing items. Jufei Textiles range of Woolon are designed and produced by the best quality through professionally handled research process that make any type of customized design for market.


Woolen fabric is the general name of the fabric woven with all kinds of wool and cashmere. It is usually suitable for the production of formal high-grade clothing such as dress suits and coats. Its advantages are anti-wrinkle wear resistance, soft feel, elegant and crisp, elastic, warm and strong.

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Our Woolen Fabric are all made in China, you can buy products from our factory with confidence. Jufei is one of the professional Woolen Fabric manufacturers and suppliers in China. You can buy them cheaply from our factory. We have in stock and can give you a buy discount. Our products are durable and easy-maintainable. If you need our products, you can contact us at any time. We have prepared a free sample that you can refer to before wholesale our products.