Classified sales of staple fiber fabrics in the fourth week of October in China Textile City


1.Cotton cloth: woven and knitted cotton cloth (including all cotton grey cloth, all cotton yarn dyed cloth, all cotton mesh gauze and some premium cotton cloth and ramie cloth) mainly made of natural fibers such as c/c clothing cloth and decorative cloth, with daily sales volume of 30-31-36-43-48-56-45000 meters respectively;

2.Polyester cotton cloth: woven and knitted polyester cotton cloth (including grey cloth, yarn dyed fabric, gauze and all kinds of premium polyester cotton cloth) mainly made of t/c yarn, with daily sales of 20-26-35-39-41-53-37 million meters respectively;

3.Polyester viscose cloth: woven, filled and steamed wool like suit cloth dominated by t/r staple fiber yarn, plain cloth for t/r long gown, and t/r gauze (including t/r polyester viscose wool flannelette, and various seasonal premium t/r fabrics), with daily sales of about 31-35-43-54-69-61-38 million meters respectively;

4.Short fiber elastic cloth: woven and knitted fabrics mainly made of short fiber covering yarns such as c/c, t/c, t/r, etc.: elastic cloth, covering yarn elastic cloth, composite elastic cloth, viscose elastic cloth, and viscose nylon elastic cloth (including seasonal superior price short fiber yarn elastic cloth), with daily sales of about 29-34-341-52-40 million meters respectively;

5.Mixed fabrics: all kinds of woven, knitted staple yarn cotton linen gauze, viscose cotton yarn (tweed) cloth, cationic viscose yarn (tweed, velvet) cloth, cotton brocade cloth, full polyester gauze and cotton polyester or cotton brocade interwoven cloth, rayon cotton brocade mixed cloth, head scarf yarn and other fabrics mainly made of staple yarn, with daily sales of about 16-20-29-28-32-35-27 million meters respectively;

6.Viscose cloth: various types of viscose yarn R rayon cloth (including knitted rayon cloth, including some rayon cross woven cloth, rayon long fiber cloth "rayon brocade" and other varieties), with daily sales of about 14-19-27-32-30-33-26 million meters respectively;

7.Leather cloth: various kinds of short fiber coated cloth, dip dyed cloth, artificial leather, elastic leather imitation, elastic composite leather imitation, coated leather composite cloth and other short fiber coated leather imitation cloth with woven viscose R rayon, pure cotton c/c, polyester cotton t/c as the base cloth. The daily sales volume is about 2-1-6-8-12-97 million meters respectively;

Total staple fiber cloth: in the fourth week of October 2022 (October 24-25-26-27-28-29-30), there are seven major categories of staple fiber cloth in the conventional market of China Light Textile City, and the total daily sales volume is about 142-166-213-247-273-299-220 million meters respectively;

Total long and short fiber cloth: In the fourth week of October 2022 (October 24-25-26-27-28-29-30), China Light Textile City will have 21 major categories of long and short fiber cloth in the conventional market, and the total daily sales volume will be about 565-604-754-911-109-1179-895 million meters respectively.

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