Classified sales of main long fiber fabrics in the fourth week of October in China Textile City


1.Decorativefabric (mainly for living room): various woven polyester filament based window decoration cloth (curtain cloth, window screen and some knitted curtain yarn), sand cloth (including woven yarn dyed cloth, woven yarn dyed decorative flannelette), cushion cushion (island fiber suede) cloth and other woven decorative cloth, with daily sales of 37-45-54-58-66-77-51 million meters respectively;

2.Knitted fabrics: decorative fabrics mainly composed of various kinds of knitted chemical fiber filaments (big circle machine weft knitted brushed plush and warp knitted sheared plush, including some stage fabrics, table and chair packaging decorative fabrics and some knitted window decoration fabrics, clothing dual-use mesh fabrics, flower plaits, knitted jacquard, embroidery, rotten flowers, water melt fabrics, composite and flocking fabrics) The daily sales volume of polyester chemical fiber filament based knitted fabrics for clothing (including the two side elastic fabrics without spandex, some knitted polyester ammonia fabric elastic fabrics, nylon polyester elastic fabrics and elastic flannelette, elastic milk silk fabrics, elastic bamboo fiber fabrics, and elastic soybean fiber fabrics) is about 114-107-131-159-178-1960-161 million meters respectively;

3.Silk likefabric: all kinds of woven polyester silk like chiffon, Chunya, summer spun, wash down, jacquard cloth, scarf cloth and other long fiber fdy mainly, including some conventional and special dty fabrics, spring and autumn long fiber composite yarn dual-use shirt cloth, composite cloth and other silk like clothing and packaging cloth (unlined fabrics mainly made of matt filament), with daily sales of about 23-24-29-33-32-38-34 million meters;

4. Luggage lining materials: various woven lining cloth, Oxford luggage cloth and lining composite cloth, woven spring Asian spinning, summer spinning waist bag cloth and other polyester fdy, dty based filament luggage lining materials (dyed or printed, jacquard varieties), with daily sales of about 34-39-57-80-93-122-81 million meters respectively;

5.Treatmentfabric: all kinds of stock cloth, off season or replacement premium cloth, and fragmentary treatment cloth (including some coated cloth, artificial leather cloth, and elastic stock cloth with filament as the base cloth) mainly woven with filament, and part of filament knitting, with daily sales of about 312-20-17-19-16.33 million meters respectively;

6.Linen likefabric: the daily sales of conventional linen like cloth, popular linen like cloth and printed linen (mainly chiffon linen) for clothing mainly made of woven fdy and dty filaments (single and double thread) are about 28-29-34-37-39-43-31 million meters respectively;

7.Imitation gauze: all kinds of conventional polyester filament mainly woven, long fiber polyester triangle profiled yarn (refers to breathable or transparent light twisting or forced twisting fabrics: dyeing and printing, jacquard, embroidery) imitation gauze, semi gloss, matt imitation silk gauze, imitation silk composite gauze, glass gauze (monofilament, bunch of silk cloth) Nylon imitation gauze (including some polypropylene gauze, special yarn and other varieties, including monofilament gauze and bundled yarn gauze) and other dual-use gauze (excluding window screen) for dress and apparel, with daily sales of about 18-16-22-25-26-393200 meters respectively;

8.Wool likefabric: all kinds of woven, filled and steamed wool like suit jacket cloth mainly made of long fibers (including wool like elastic suit jacket cloth mainly made of some filaments), with a daily sales volume of 11-22-25-33-37-45-29 million meters respectively;

9.Jacket fashion casualfabric: all kinds of woven nylon cloth mainly made of long fiber and partly knitted, nylon polyester, nylon cotton cloth, cotton nylon cloth, nylon viscose cloth (including nylon polyester, nylon cotton flannelette), nylon polyester, nylon cotton composite cloth, cotton nylon composite cloth, nylon viscose composite cloth, etc., wind clothing and jacket fashion casual cloth mainly made of filament fdy and dty, with daily sales of 30-25-39-41-46-52-38 million meters respectively;

10.Elasticfabric: polyester ammonia fabric elastic cloth (including yarn like twisted and untwisted elastic cloth, warp or weft elastic cloth, elastic chiffon varieties), polyester ammonia fabric elastic composite cloth, polyamide ammonia elastic cloth, polyester cotton elastic cloth, viscose polyamide elastic cloth, viscose polyester polyamide elastic cloth, viscose polyester polyamide elastic cloth (including partially coated elastic cloth and elastic leatherette cloth with filament as the base cloth), which is mainly made of various woven filaments fdy, dty and poy, The daily sales volume of all kinds of elastic fabrics mainly made of polyester filament is about 37-35-43-49-60-77-540 thousand meters respectively;

11.Yarn dyed fabrics: all kinds of long fiber and cationic shirts, jackets, dual-use clothing fabrics mainly made of yarn dyed silk, and household decorative fabrics (mainly in stripe pattern, including yarn dyed pure polyester shirt fabrics), such as solid color fabrics and yarn dyed fabrics, with daily sales of 8-12-15-26-27-41-32 million meters respectively;

12.Woolenfabric: all kinds of woven woolen fashion woollen cloth mainly made of long fibers, long and short woollen cloth made of warp and weft, yarn dyed woollen cloth, various composite woollen cloth (mainly used for clothing), and vegetable woollen cloth, with daily sales of about 36-38-43-69-74-91-600 thousand meters respectively;

13.Networkfabric: all kinds of long fiber woven network silk fabrics: upper cloth, elderly cloth, table and chair cover cloth (mainly dyed and printed varieties and some color woven fabrics and jacquard fabrics), with daily sales of 3-6-9-10-13-14.12 million meters respectively;

14.Leather fabric: all kinds of artificial leather for clothing and decoration (PA, PU, PVC cloth, including coated cloth, dip dyed cloth, rubber scraping cloth, plastic dropping cloth, calendered cloth and its composite cloth) with long fiber or non-woven cloth as the base cloth. The daily sales volume is about 13-18-20-27-26-35-27 million meters respectively;

Total long fiberfabric: in the fourth week of October 2022 (October 24-25-26-27-28-29-30), the total daily sales of 14 categories of main long fiber cloth in the conventional market of China Light Textile City are about 423-438-541-664-736-880-675000 meters respectively;

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