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Middle-weight Woolen Fabric

Zhejiang Jufei Textile Co., Ltd  was founded in 2002, 20 years of long-term Middle-weight Woolen Fabric and operation of autumn and winter fabrics. Has a set of development, design, production, sales in one China fabric supplier and manufacturer. The company is equipped with a professional R & D team and strong production enterprises. It independently develops woolen fabric for middle heavy. Our products are exported to Europe, America and Southeast Asian countries. Our company always keeps the principle of good faith and excellent quality. Because of focus, professional. We are full of enthusiasm, dedicated to the vast number of users dedicated to the best quality products and services.

The Middle-weight Woolen Fabric is the elasticity of this material is particularly good, for all kinds of impact force has a better buffer effect; Secondly, felt has a very good warmth, many places will use it as a building insulation material.

Middle-weight Woolen Fabric generally is used to make coat woolen cloth with unique style, crisp and soft, simple but fashionable. And it also has many different types for middle heavy, we can do it accordign to customers’ requirement. According to different seasons and temperatures, people can use clothes made of middle heavy fabric on corresponding occasions. Even in spring and winter, middle woolen fabric is widely used, not only for clothing, but also for home textiles.

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Popular Middle-weight Wool Fabric

Popular Middle-weight Wool Fabric

Zhejiang Jufei Textile Co.,Ltd was founded in 2002, shaoxing zhejiang,China. We are professional in knitted fabric production as popular middle-weight wool fabric. We can also made fabrics according to your designs and requirements. More information please feel free to contact us.

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Our Middle-weight Woolen Fabric are all made in China, you can buy products from our factory with confidence. Jufei is one of the professional Middle-weight Woolen Fabric manufacturers and suppliers in China. You can buy them cheaply from our factory. We have in stock and can give you a buy discount. Our products are durable and easy-maintainable. If you need our products, you can contact us at any time. We have prepared a free sample that you can refer to before wholesale our products.